Past Life Regression Work

Our natural ability to enter this unique relaxed focused concentration state of consciousness opens the door to enhance memory and people are able to recall events that may have been long forgotten, to access memory at the Soul Level and experience the deep understanding of time illusion. Sometimes, due to their expanded understanding of life, people have spiritual or intuitive experiences that they greatly benefit from. This modality has tremendous wellbeing value: mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical transformation can take place in a past life regression session.
It is a life changing experience.
My Sessions are based on Dr Brian Weiss PLR technique.

“When you feel better as a result of a past life recall experience–whether a physical symptom has been alleviated, an emotional issue soothed, or you simply feel more confident and peaceful about your life and its direction, you don’t need to question the logical validity of the experience. You know it has empowered you to improve the quality of your life in a very tangible way…It is exhilarating when you realize how much greater you are than your current, confined ego or personality. The real you, the immortal you, is the you that is present from body to body, from life to life. How exciting it is to meet yourself!” (Dr. Brian Weiss)


  • Connect to your soul
  • Transform irrational fears originated in earlier incarnations
  • Unlock energies, inner knowledge that you are usually unaware of
  • Open up spiritual vistas that can endow your life with new and profound meanings
  • Feel deep love and joy
  • Improve relationship
  • Unlock creativity and talents
  • Experience life review while still in the present life and benefit from its deep wisdom
  • Clear karmic blockages
  • Transform karmic unwanted patterns
  • Understand your life purpose
  • Become profoundly empowered and transform your life

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    Holistic Coaching

    Create a best life empowering mind, body, spirit.


    A beautiful state of relaxation and sharp focusing.

    Past Life Regression Therapy

    The benefits involve inner peace at all levels.

    Spiritual Coaching

    Experience Parallel Realities and Life btw Lives.

    Touch for Health

    Balance subtle energies, heal mind, body spirit.

    Australian Bush Flower Essences

    Energy and power from the lands of Australia.