Holistic Coaching

I believe that to manifest your highest potential and create your desired life you need to work with the multidimensions of your being: body, mind, soul, spirit, energy and bioenergetic fields.
Holistic Coaching is the perfect method, it goes beyond coaching because we work at the Soul level as well. I use different techniques and coaching tools to make permanent changes, transform limiting beliefs, conflicts, karmic patterns, overcome challenge, become a peak performer, get fast results.

My 4 steps Method

In order to help you making your dreams come true I must facilitate lasting changes, eliminate all inner sabotage and make sure you achieve the goals you set to yourself. I always follow this 4 steps method to get fast results. It is like baking a cake: the quality of the ingredients is important however timing is essential! Follow the steps one after the other and allow the change to happen. Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?

1. Set your GOAL

In this phase it is important to know what you want, to set your goal. More over to find the “big why” you want it. Analyze the present situation, know the pros and cons, values and qualities as well the limiting beliefs, obstacles and challenges.

2. CONSCIOUS Repatterning

Once you are done with the first “Goal setting phase” I will help you to repatter your conscious mind using: Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Guided Meditation and Australian Flower Essences to eliminate inner sabotage and to vibrationally align to the goal you set to yourself.


Repatter the Subconscious mind is very important to eliminate inner sabotage, unwanted behaviors, negative thoughts, fears and letting go unwanted emotions. It helps to empower yourself and have higher self-esteem. It promotes enthusiasm and will power. Hypnosis is the main tool. You learn to be Mindful in your heart.

4. Soul KARMA Healing

This is the most spiritual phase that allows you to learn to connect with your Soul, your Higher Self, your Spiritual Suide, to align to the highest vibration of LOVE for a deep karmic memories healing, beyond time and space. Soul journey hypnosis is the main tool.

My Coaching Style

I am known for my fast, straightforward, down to earth approach, based on the mixed combination of rational scientific left-brain knowledge and the right brain, psychic intuitive sensing of the unspoken issues. My 1 on 1 sessions are always unique as unique is the person I m working with.

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    Holistic Coaching

    Create a best life empowering mind, body, spirit.


    A beautiful state of relaxation and sharp focusing.

    Past Life Regression Therapy

    The benefits involve inner peace at all levels.

    Spiritual Coaching

    Experience Parallel Realities and Life btw Lives.

    Touch for Health

    Balance subtle energies, heal mind, body spirit.

    Australian Bush Flower Essences

    Energy and power from the lands of Australia.